Netherlands Speed Skating Medal Sweeps

Once again, the Netherlands swept the medals in the men’s 10,000 metres speed skating, giving the Dutchmen their 4th medal sweep at the Sochi Olympics. How does this rank all-time?

Well, it’s a Winter Olympic record. No other nation has ever swept more than 2 events at a single Winter Olympics. Overall, it’s a little behind the Summer Olympic record of 57, set by the United States in 1904 – that record will likely last for awhile. On the other hand, the early Olympics were very different than what we have now.

Looking at Olympics only since WW2, this is the most medals sweeps by one nation since the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) swept 6 events at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Here is the list of all nations with 2 or more medal sweeps at a Winter Olympics, and 4 or more at the Summer Olympics.

Year NOC Ssn Sweeps
2014 Netherlands W 4
1924 Norway W 2
1928 Norway W 2
1932 Norway W 2
1964 Soviet Union W 2
1972 German Demo. Rep. W 2
1984 German Demo. Rep. W 2
1998 Germany W 2
1904 United States S 57
1908 Great Britain S 15
1900 France S 11
1900 United States S 9
1920 United States S 8
1932 United States S 8
1924 United States S 7
1912 Sweden S 6
1952 United States S 6
1956 United States S 6
1968 United States S 6
1980 German Demo. Rep. S 6
1912 United States S 5
1980 Soviet Union S 5
1936 United States S 4
1948 United States S 4
1960 Soviet Union S 4
1960 United States S 4
1964 United States S 4
1976 United States S 4

One other thing to note is that the Netherlands had only previously swept one Olympic event, the 1998 men’s speed skating 10K.

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  1. Depending on the definition of medal sweeps, the Dutch sailors also swepts an event in the 1920 Olympics, with only two (Dutch) boats competing.

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