Maria Höfl-Riesch – 3rd Alpine Gold Medal

Maria Höfl-Riesch won the women’s combined for her 3rd Olympic Alpine skiing gold medal. She won the slalom and combined at Vancouver in 2010. Where does she stand now on the all-time lists?

She trails only Norway’s Kjetil André Aamodt and Slovenia’s Janica Kostelić, who both won 4 golds in Alpine.

Höfl-Riesch moves to =3rd all-time, with 3 golds, along with 6 others. She is =4th all-time among women, with 3 others. Here is the all-time list:

Golds Name Gdr NOC
4 Kjetil André Aamodt M NOR
4 Janica Kostelić F CRO
3 Alberto Tomba M ITA
3 Vreni Schneider F SUI
3 Katja Seizinger F GER
3 Deborah Compagnoni F ITA
3 Jean-Claude Killy M FRA
3 Toni Sailer M AUT
3 Maria Höfl-Riesch F GER

Höfl-Riesch also won this event in 2010, giving her consecutive wins. She becomes the 19th woman to win the same event at the WOG consecutively, or more. Anastasia Kuzmina (SVK) did it yesterday in the biathlon women’s 7.5 km. Here is the full list:

### Athlete (NOC-Sport/Event; Years)
3 Sonja Henie (NOR-FSK/Singles; 1928-36)
3 Bonnie Blair (USA-SSK/500 m; 1988-94)
3 Claudia Pechstein (GER-SSK/5000 m; 1994-2002)
2 Lidiya Skoblikova (URS-SSK/1500 m; 1960-64)
2 Lidiya Skoblikova (URS-SSK/3000 m; 1960-64)
2 Steffi Walter-Martin (GDR-LUG/Singles; 1984-88)
2 Katarina Witt (GDR-FSK/Singles; 1984-88)
2 Bonnie Blair (USA-SSK/1000 m; 1992-94)
2 Cathy Turner (USA-STK SSK/500 m; 1992-94)
2 Lyubov Yegorova (RUS-CCS/Pursuit/Skiathlon; 1992-94)
2 Jeon I-Gyeong (KOR-STK SSK/1000 m; 1994-98)
2 Deborah Compagnoni (ITA-ASK/Giant Slalom; 1994-98)
2 Katja Seizinger (GER-ASK/Downhill; 1994-98)
2 Catriona Le May Doan (CAN-SSK/500 m; 1998-2002)
2 Sylke Otto (GER-LUG/Singles; 2002-2006)
2 Janica Kostelić (CRO-ASK/Combined; 2002-06)
2 Wang Meng (CHN-STK SSK/500 m; 2006-10)
2 Anastasia Kuzmina (SVK-BIA/7.5 km sprint; 2010-14)
2 Maria Höfl-Riesch (GER-ASK/Combined; 2010-14)


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