Italian Olympic Mysteries from the 1928 St. Moritz Games

Today on Oldest Olympians, we wanted to look at Italy’s participation at the 1928 St. Moritz Olympics. Specifically, there are only four competitors for whom we lack biographical data, all of whom competed in the four/five bobsleigh team that placed 21st overall. Of the five Italians, we have full data for only one: Giuseppe Crivelli.

(The 1928 St. Mortiz bobsleigh track)

For the remaining four, we have very little information to go on. For example, Giancarlo Morpurgo’s surname is often misspelled “Morpugo” and he is sometimes referred to as a Baron, but there is nothing else we can find to indicate his true identity. Names might be an issue overall, as Carlo Sem, from Turin, might be a pseudonym. About the other two, Luigi Cerutti and Piero Marchetti, we know nothing at all.

Since this is such a short blog entry, we wanted to introduce a few additional Italian Olympic mysteries. Two of them are art competitors from the 1936 Berlin Games: Piero Fervelli and Guglielmo Giuliani. Fervelli was a painter who entered an unknown painting event with the work “Sciatore 117” (Skier 117). Domestically, he was better known as a mosaic artist, but we do not have any additional biographical information on him. About Giuliani, who entered the architecture competition with “Cabina per cronometristi” (Cabin for timekeepers), we know nothing at all. A third mysterious competitor was an individual that we know only as “Beselli”, who took part in the gliding demonstration event at the same Games.

Finally, as an update to the 1928 St. Moritz bobsleigh competition, we previously noted Horacio Iglesias of Argentina as one of the mysterious competitors. Thanks to Hernán Macchiavello, we have learned that he was Horacio Alfredo Iglesias Baseil, born January 1, 1903 in Buenos Aires, although we do not have a date of death. That is what we have for today, but we hope that you will join us for a new topic next week!

Gabriel Reymond

Today on Oldest Olympians, we had planned to feature Gabriel Reymond, the oldest survivor of the 1960 Rome Olympics, on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Reymond competed in two editions of the Olympic Games, finishing ninth in the 10 kilometer walk in 1952 and being disqualified in the 20 kilometer walk in 1960. He also competed at those events at the 1954 and 1958 European Championships respectively, finishing sixth and eighth.

(Gabriel Reymond’s obituary)

Unfortunately, we just learned that Reymond died on October 20, 2021 at the age of 98. Normally we would not feature someone who died this long ago but, given the circumstances, we felt it appropriate to provide an update. This news means that Renyldo Ferreira, born June 29, 1923, who represented Brazil in four editions of the Olympic equestrian tournament from 1948 through 1960, is the oldest survivor of the Rome Games.

(Julienne Boudewijns)

While we are writing a blog, we also wanted to provide a few updates to previous Olympic mysteries. First, we learned that the Franz Wenninger who died August 1, 1996 was the water polo player who represented Austria at the 1936 Berlin Games. Similarly, thanks to Connor Mah, we have confirmed that the Hugo Philipp who died in November 1970 was the Austrian Olympic fencer who competed in 1924, and the Walter Niederle who died November 28, 1962 was the 1948 Austrian field hockey player. Conversely, the Julienne Boudewijns who died on March 12, 2014 was not the Olympian – the Julienne Boudewijns who represented Belgium in the gymnastics tournament in 1948 actually died February 27, 1995.

Finally, in more positive news, Ralf Regnitter was able to German rower Klaus von Fersen, born March 29, 1931, was still alive, thus providing an update from 2012. We have a few more updates, but will stop here for now as to not overwhelm. We hope you will join us for the next blog entry!

Older Than Yvonne Chabot-Curtet, Part II

A few days ago we compiled a list of Olympians who may still be alive and were born between the recently deceased Félix Sienra, the longest-lived Olympian, and the current oldest living Olympian, Yvonne Chabot-Curtet. We now want to add to that list by noting the 20 non-starters and demonstration event competitors that fall into the same category. We do this not only for the sake of completing our previous post but because, as shown by the example of Dutch 1932 athletics alternate Mien Schopman-Klaver, who died at the age of 107, these competitors provide us with important links to Games that are disappearing from living memory and their achievements and sporting legacies are worth celebrating even if they did not actually get to compete at the Olympics.

As with our previous post, we suspect that all of these individuals are in fact deceased, but we cannot confirm it to be the case.

Bruno Schneider, who did not start for Austria in the 800 and 1500 metres track events.



Cha Sun-Jong,1916,Alternate on the 1948 Korean football squad

Antonio Fabriani,October 30 1916,Did not start for Italy in boxing’s featherweight division in 1936

Miron Fux,August 16 1916,Alternate on the 1936 Yugoslavian water polo team

Nicolae Gurau,1916,Alternate on the 1952 Romanian athletics team

Kaj Isaksen,September 3 1916, Alternate on the 1936 Danish coxless fours rowing squad

Minoru Kino,c. 1916,Participant in the 1964 kendo demonstration event

Blake H. M. Tedman,September 29 1916,Representative for Canada in the 1952 non-Olympic art competitions

Stella Espino,August 3 1917,Did not start for Panama in the 1960 individual foil fencing tournament

Ejnar Frydensberg Hansen,April 30 1917,Alternate on the 1936 Danish coxless fours rowing squad

Joseph Meyer,February 7 1917,Alternate with the Danish 1936 cycling team

Einar Nilsen,1917,Did not start for Denmark in the 1936 cycling road race

Kotaro Oshima,c. 1917,Participant in the 1964 kendo demonstration event

Sosaku Yamashita,c. 1917,Participant in the 1964 kendo demonstration event

Karel Basta,November 20 1918,Did not start for Czechoslovakia in boxing’s flyweight division in 1936

Johannes Duyn,March 19 1918,Alternate with the Danish 1936 cycling team

Guilherme Rodrigues,August 26 1918,Alternate on the 1948 Brazilian basketball team

Adalbert Balint,September 20 1919,Alternate on the 1960 Romanian water polo team

Bruno Schneider,October 26 1919,Alternate on the 1948 Austrian athletics team

Kurakichi Chatani,January 11 1920,Alternate on the 1960 Japanese foil fencing team

Hideo Ichikawa,February 23 1920,Alternate on the 1960 Japanese field hockey team


Now that we have finally caught up on this topic, we will be bringing you something new and different in the coming days. We hope that you will join us!

Older Than Yvonne Chabot-Curtet

Today on Oldest Olympians, we are following up on an earlier post by looking into those Olympians who may still be alive and were born between the recently deceased Félix Sienra, the longest-lived Olympian, and the current oldest living Olympian, Yvonne Chabot-Curtet. As a reminder, noting these individuals does not represent any belief on the part of Oldest Olympians that these athletes are still alive; we simply cannot confirm that they are deceased. It remains, however, an important caveat and is always a possibility: language barriers, poor media coverage of older athletes, and desire for privacy from a generation when the Games were not as big as they are now all contribute to the chance that someone may have eluded our radar. In the past, several Olympic centenarians have reached that milestone with little public fanfare, sometimes not being revealed until their death and sometimes being older than Chabot-Curtet’s current age. We feel, therefore, that it is important to share this list to make our research methods a little more public and subject to scrutiny, perhaps solving a case or two along the way.

Hernando Navarrete represented Colombia in the 5000 metres track event at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.




Emilio Ballado,Mexico,Boxing,May 2 1916

Raoul Barouch,Tunisia,Fencing,May 12 1916

Eliška Boubelová,Czechoslovakia,Swimming,April 8 1916

Ricardo Bralo,Argentina,Athletics,August 28 1916

Lorenzo Delgado,Mexico,Boxing,August 10 1916

Yoichi Endo,Japan,Rowing,March 9 1916

Tatsuo Ichikawa,Japan,Ice hockey,February 11 1916

Masatatsu Kitazawa,Japan,Ice hockey,April 29 1916

Fusako Kono,Japan,Diving,January 22 1916

Aziz Malik,Pakistan,Field hockey,April 16 1916

Franziska Mally,Austria,Swmmingg,October 31 1916

Konstantinos Metaxas,Greece,Swimming,May 21 1916

Hernando Navarrete,Colombia,Athletics,April 28 1916

Daniel Sande,Argentina,Fencing,August 26 1916

Saw Hardy,Myanmar,Boxing,1916

Saleh Mohamed,Egypt,Weightlifting,June 24 1916

Borbála Sóthy,Hungary,Swimming,December 21 1916

Hugo Vallarino,Argentina,Weightlifting,March 27 1916

Koichi Wada,Japan,Water polo,July 25 1916

Takehiko Yanagi,Japan,Field hockey,March 28 1916

Kenshichi Yokoyama,Japan,Basketball,September 22 1916


Scylla Venâncio represented Brazil in two swimming events at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.




Jehangoo Amin,India,Cycling,1917

Petre Andreanu,Romania,Equestrian,March 1 1917

Richardos Brousalis,Greece,Swimming/Water polo,1917

Horacio Campi,Argentina,Sailing,November 26 1917

Alfredo Carlomagno,Argentina,Boxing,October 5 1917

Helio Castro,El Salvador,Sport shooting,October 10 1917

Chang Ri-Jin,Japan/South Korea,Basketball,October 28 1917

Marin Gașpar,Romania,Boxing,August 15 1917

Gin Gang-Hwan,South Korea,Athletics,January 7 1917

Kosta Hakim,Egypt,Boxing,April 17 1917

Rudolf Kloeckner,Romania,Alpine skiing/Cross-country skiing/Nordic combined,June 10 1917

Karl Kögel,Germany,Ice hockey,October 26 1917

Vangelis Kouvelis,Greece,Cycling,1917

Lie Eng Soei,Indonesia,Sailing,May 15 1917

Qadri Mahmud,Egypt,Swimming,October 8 1917

Sajiro Miyama,Japan,Boxing,January 20 1917

Pavão,Brazil,Basketball,September 6 1917

Ricardo Roberts,Bolivia,Sport shooting,July 24 1917

Tsuneo Shibahara,Japan,Diving,January 1 1917

Gurnam Singh,India,Athletics,1917

Catherine Stevens,Belgium,Athletics,August 7 1917

Noboru Ueno,Japan,Athletics,January 8 1917

Scylla Venâncio,Brazil,Swimming,May 9 1917

Jorge Vidal,Argentina,Gymnastics,c. 1917

Taichi Yamada,Japan,Rowing,February 20 1917

Misao Yokota,Japan,Swimming,February 3 1917

Bouchaib Zeroual,Morocco,Rowing, 1917


Ilona Szikora represented Hungary in the discus throw at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.




Leopoldo Briola,Argentina,Weightlifting,December 23 1918

Guillermo Canciani,Argentina,Sport shooting,November 18 1918

Souren Chowdhury,India,Sport shooting,July 27 1918

Jan Cools,Belgium,Wrestling,October 1 1918

Felix Erbert,Czechoslovakia,Swimming,June 9 1918

Oskar Holinger,Switzerland,Wrestling,July 22 1918

Kim Won-Gwon,South Korea,Athletics,December 13 1918

Guillaume Merckx,Belgium,Basketball,April 21 1918

Giuseppe Molinari,Italy,Equestrian,1918

Oskar Neuenschwander,Switzerland,Rowing,May 3 1918

Alfredo Petrone,Uruguay,Boxing,November 26 1918

Chhota Singh,India,Athletics,1918

Ilona Szikora,Hungary,Athletics,Janaury 17 1918

Khawaja Muhammad Taqi,Pakistan,Field hockey,1918

Daniel Trujillo,Venezuela,Sailing,May 24 1918

Carlos Villanueva,Argentina,Equestrian,July 30 1918

Yap Pow Thong,Malaysia,Sport shooting,November 11 1918

Ahmed Zahur Khan,Pakistan,Athletics,1918

Bram Zanella,Venezuela,Sport shooting,September 27 1918



Gudrun Grömer represented Austria in the diving tournament at the 1948 London Olympics.



Roger Anciaux,Belgium,Sailing,October 30 1919

Angela Anderes,Switzerland,Figure skating,July 10 1919

Fernand Bourgaux,Belgium,Athletics,December 25 1919

Germán Briceño,Venezuela,Sport shooting,August 13 1919

Mahmoud Fawzy,Egypt,Wrestling,October 10 1919

Oskar Gerber,Switzerland,Athletics,1919

Gudrun Grömer,Austria,Diving,November 7 1919

Günter Heine,Germany,Water polo,September 8 1919

Henri Hermans,Belgium,Basketball,March 3 1919

Mauricio de la Lama,Mexico,Sailing,December 11 1919

Georges Leenheere,Belgium,Water polo,November 21 1919

Min Byeong-Seon,South Korea,Equestrian,1919

Vasile Panait,Romania,Bobsleigh,July 11 1919

Pavel Parshin,Soviet Union,Sailing,December 22 1919

Antoine Raeymaeckers,Belgium,Wrestling,April 4 1919

Ítalo Sartori,Argentina,Rowing,November 29 1919

Manoel da Silva,Portugal,Sport shooting,June 1 1919

Rei Takemura,Japan,Swimming,April 29 1919

Gavrila Törok,Romania,Water polo,May 7 1919

José María Vallsera,Colombia,Sport shooting,June 24 1919

Frans Van Den Berghen,Belgium,Canoeing,September 25 1919

João Vieira,Portugal,Athletics,March 6 1919

Alexandros Vouxinos,Greece,Alpine skiing,November 23 1919


Yukio Inokuma represented Japan in four rifle shooting events across three editions of the Games: 1952, 1956, and 1960.




Minna Blüml,Germany,Luge,May 17 1920

Sayed Bulbul,Egypt,Football,March 23 1920

Yukio Inokuma,Japan,Sport shooting,Janaury 2 1920

Muhammad Khurram,Pakistan,Field hockey,March 1920

Manuel Solís,Mexico,Cycling,May 10 1920

John Stuart,Canada,Weightlifting,January 24 1920


Next time on Oldest Olympians, we will take a look at the non-starters and demonstration event competitors that meet the criteria for this list. We hope that you will join us!