1948 Korean Olympic Mysteries, Part 1

Today Oldest Olympians is continuing its look into mystery competitors from the 1948 London Olympics for whom we lack both a date of birth and confirmation as to whether they are alive or deceased. Given the time that has passed, nearly all of these Olympians would be at least 90 years old, but there is a possibility that some are still alive. Today we wanted to begin looking at Korean competitors who meet this description but, since there are so many, we will be dividing them into two blog posts.

(The 1948 Korean Olympic basketball team, pictured at SBS News)

First, just as with China, there are several members of the basketball team, which finished eighth in the tournament, about whom we know very little. Bang Won-Sun, Gang Bong-Hyeon, Lee Jun-Yeong, and Lee Sang-Hun are all members of the team about whom we have no information, not even a club. For a fifth, Chang Ri-jin, who also competed in Berlin in 1936, we have more information, including a date of birth of October 28, 1917, but we have been unable to locate any information on his death.

(Lee Yun-Seok, left, and Sim Bok-Seok, right).

Secondly, we want to highlight two Korean track and field athletes. Lee Yun-Seok represented his country in the 800 and 1,500 metres events, but was eliminated in the first round of both. Sim Bok-Seok, meanwhile, was a long distance runner and he was eliminated in round one of the 5,000 metres. He was also entered into the 10,000 metres, but did not start the event. For both, we have no information about them outside of their Olympic participation.

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