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With thanx to NBC Olympic Talk’s Nick Zaccardi who sent me off on this database query, let’s look at which brothers and sisters have won the most medals at the Olympic Games. Nick came up with this wondering about Ivica Kostelić (CRO), competing in the men’s Alpine super combined today, and going for his 4th Olympic medal. His sister, Janica, has 6 so that would give them 10. Nick was wondering how this stood on the all-time sibling medal list, with both siblings winning medals.

Well, oddly, the Winter record is held by the same guy (and his brother) who has the most Winter Olympic medals – Norway’s Ole Einard Bjørndalen. He has 12, equal to his countryman Bjørn Dæhlie, but Ole Einar’s brother, Dag, has one Olympic medal, so that gives them 13.

That is equal 3rd all-time behind the Mangiarotti’s, Italian fencing brothers with 16, and the Katos, Japanese gymnastic brothers with 14. The 2nd best at the Winter Olympics is 10 by brother/sister Di Centa.

Manuela and Giorgio Di Centa hold the record for a brother/sister pair at the Winter Olympics with their 10 medals, which the Kostelićs could equal today. Only Shirley and Jack Babashoff, with 11, have more brother/sister medals at the Summer Olympics.

And who has the most among sisters at the Olympics? You might not think it, but it’s the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, in tennis, with 8 medals. And most sisters medals at the Winter Olympics? It’s a 3-way tie with 5 medals (not in the list below) – Marielle & Christine Goitschel (FRA-ASK), Ann Elen Skjelbreid & Liv Grete Skjelbreid-Poirée (NOR-BIA), and Manuela & Andrea Henkel (GER-CCS/BIA).

Here’s all the Olympic siblings with 6 or more medals, with both siblings winning a medal.


SibTotal Siblings Pair Ssn NOC Sport
16 Edoardo & Dario Mangiarotti Bros S ITA FEN
14 Sawao & Takeshi Kato Bros S JPN GYM
13 Vilhelm & Eric Carlberg Bros S SWE SHO
13 Ole Einar & Dag Bjørndalen Bros W NOR BIA
12 Raimondo & Piero D'Inzeo Bros S ITA EQU
11 Shirley & Jack Babashoff Bro/Sis S USA SWI
10 Nedo & Aldo Nadi Bros S ITA FEN
10 Manuela & Giorgio Di Centa Bro/Sis W ITA CCS
9 Janica & Ivica Kostelić Bro/Sis W CRO ASK
8 Géo & Gustave Buchard Bros S FRA FEN
8 Pavol & Peter Hochschorner Bros S SVK CAN
8 Serena & Venus Williams Sisters S USA TEN
7 Reggie & Laurie Doherty Bros S GBR TEN
7 Torben & Lars Grael Bros S BRA SAI
7 Jackie & Al Joyner-Kersee Bro/Sis S USA ATH
6 Sergey & Aleksandr Belov Bros S URS BAS
6 Alwin & Paul Schockemöhle Bros S FRG/GER EQU
6 Daniel & Axel Norling Bros S SWE EQU/GYM
6 Bernd & Jörg Landvoigt Bros S GDR ROW
6 Agostino & Carmine Abbagnale Bros S ITA ROW
6 Andreas & Wolfgang Linger Bros W AUT LUG
6 Doina Liliana & Anişoara Snep-Bălan Sisters S ROU ROW
6 Gérard & Maurice Blitz Bros S BEL SWI/WAP
6 Artur & Tymur Taymazov Bros S UZB-EUN/UKR WRE/WLT
6 Tamara & Irina Press Sisters S URS ATH
6 Giorgio & Bice Vanzetta Bro/Sis W ITA CCS
6 Saku & Mikko Koivu Bros W FIN ICH
6 Eric & Beth Heiden Bro/Sis W USA SSK
6 Duke & Sam Kahanamoku Bros S USA SWI
6 Arne & Åke Borg Bros S SWE SWI

4 thoughts on “Most Sibling Olympic Medals”

  1. With the Mulder (NED) twins winning three medals, and the Linger (AUT) twins winning two medals so far in the Sochi 2014 Olympics, is there anyway to parse this list down further by using DOB to determine a descending list of leading Olympic Medal winning twins who have at least won one medal each in the Olympic Games?

    1. Yeah, that would be easy. I did something like it today for siblings with a post for medals won by siblings

  2. A small limitation of this list is that it implicitly only considers *pairs* of siblings with 6 medals or more. The four Pettersson cycling brothers Erik, Gösta, Sture and Tomas won a total of 8 medals at the 1964 and 1968 Summer Olympics; particularly notable is the 1968 team time trial, where the full set of brothers made up the Swedish silver-winning team . It makes me wonder whether any other set of four or more medal-winning siblings exists?

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