USA Event Factsheets for 15 Feb Medal Events (Saturday)

The USA will also play Russia in men’s ice hockey. The USA and Russia have played 3 times at the Winter Olympics, splitting the series as follows:

  • 2002 Semi-Final Match       USA d. Russia                          3-2      Feb 22
  • 2002 D Pool Match                Russia tied USA                     2-2      Feb 16
  • 2006 B Pool Match                 Russia d. USA                         5-4      Feb 21

Against the former Soviet Union, the USA played 8 Olympic matches, losing 6. The two wins were quite dramatic, defeating them 3-2 in the 1960 Final Round en route to the gold medal, and again in 1980, winning 4-3 in the Final Round, before winning the gold medal by defeating Finland in the final match.

In 1992 the USA also played the Unified Team, losing 5-2 in the semi-finals.

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