USA vs Canada – Men’s Olympic Ice Hockey

The United States and Canada play today in a men’s ice hockey semi-final. This will be the 18th Olympic match between the two arch-rivals, with Canada holding a comfortable edge in the rivalry – winning 11, tieing 3, and losing 3. The results of all the matches are as follows:


United States vs. Canada



1920,Semi-Final,CAN d. USA,2-0,Apr 25

1924,Final Pool,CAN d. USA,6-1,Feb 3

1932,Round-Robin,CAN d. USA,2-1,Feb 4

1932,Round-Robin,CAN tied USA,2-2,Feb 13

1936,Final Pool,CAN d. USA,1-0,Feb 16

1948,Round-Robin,CAN d. USA,12-3,Feb 5

1952,Round-Robin,CAN tied USA,3-3,Feb 24

1956,Final Pool,USA d. CAN,4-1,Jan 31

1960,Final Pool,USA d. CAN,2-1,Feb 25

1964,Final Pool,CAN d. USA,8-6,Feb 3

1968,A Pool,CAN d. USA,3-2,Feb 11

1984,B Pool,CAN d. USA,4-2,Feb 7

1994,B Pool,CAN tied USA,3-3,Feb 17

1998,D Pool,CAN d. USA,4-1,Feb 16

2002,Gold Medal,CAN d. USA,5-2,Feb 24

2010,Gold Medal,CAN d. USA,3-2,Feb 28

2010,A Pool,USA d. CAN,5-3,Feb 21