Olympians Atop Everest

Which Olympians have climbed Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world? We know of 4 such feats, as follows:

Athlete NOC Sport Era Notes
Manuela Di Centa ITA CCS 1984-98 Climbed Everest in 2003.
George Mallory? GBR ALP 1924 Attempted to climb Everest in 1922 and 1924.
Gota Miura JPN FRS 1994-98 Climbed Everest in 2003.
Steve Williams GBR ROW 2004-08 Climbed Everest in 2011.

There was some circumstantial evidence that Mallory may have peaked on Everest in 1924, although it now considered that he did not summit and died on the descent. He was posthumously given an Alpinism gold medal by the IOC. His body was found on the mountain in 1999.

Mallory’s gold medal was actually given to his Mount Everest expedition of 1922, which definitely did not summit. The members of that crew, who could also be considered as Olympians on Everest were: Charles Granville Bruce (GBR); Bill Strutt (GBR); Henry Morshead (GBR); John Noel (GBR); Tom Longstaff (GBR); Geoffrey Bruce (GBR); Howard Somervell (GBR); Arthur Wakefield (GBR); Edward Norton (GBR); Colin Crawford (GBR); John Morris (GBR); George Finch (AUS); Tejbir Bura (NEP); Narbu Sherpa (IND); Lhakpa Sherpa (IND); Pasang Sherpa (IND); Pembra Sherpa (IND); Antarge Sherpa (IND); Temba Sherpa (IND); and Sange Sherpa (IND).

The 1922 expedition made 3 attempts to summitt, with 7 Sherpas dying in an avalanche on the 3rd attempt. The medals were given to Lieutenant Bill Strutt, as Charles Granville Bruce was unavailable while preparing for another ascent. Coubertin spoke of why the medals were given to this group:

“For the first time a gold medal is awarded for alpinism, and it is awarded to the glorious expedition to the Mount Everest. Not content with having almost succeeded, they are preparing a renewed effort to finish the ascent.

Mr. Representative of the mission, we welcome your presence for the beautiful heroism displayed. At the foot of the highest mountain in Europe, we present you and your wonderful companions with this small testimony of the admiration with which all nations have followed your journey towards the untouched peaks of the highest mountain in the world. We accompany this gesture by prayers for the completion of a work that will honor not only your country but all humanity.”

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