Women’s Olympic and World Cup Champions – Updated US List

After the US Women won the World Cup last week, this greatly changes the list of women who have won both an Olympic title and a World Cup title in football. This is almost a purely American list, with 4 Norwegians on the list from the 1995 World Cup and 2000 Olympics (Gro Espeseth, Bente Nordby, Marianne Pettersen, Hege Riise). Below is the list of the American women who have won both titles, and the number of times.

Christie Pearce-Rampone
Christie Pearce-Rampone

The leader with 5 such championships is Christie Pearce-Rampone, with three Olympic gold medals (2004/08/12) and two World Cups (1999/2015). Seven American women have four titles – Heather O’Reilly, Shannon Boxx, Brandi Chastain, Joy Biefeld-Fawcett, Julie Foudy, Kristine Lilly, and Mia Hamm. One could also add Hope Solo to this list, but this reflects one of the difficulties of compiling such a list. In 2004 Solo was on the Olympic team, but never played as a backup goaltender. Likewise, Tiffany Roberts was on the 2004 Olympic team but never played.

Brandi Chastain
Brandi Chastain

Only Heather Mitts has three such titles without winning both, as an Olympic gold medalist in 2004/08/12. Five Americans have won two Olympic gold medals, without winning the World Cup – Aly Wagner, Angela Hucles, Kate Sobrero-Markgraf, Lindsay Tarpley (2004/08), and Rachel Buehler (2008/12).



Christie Pearce-Rampone,5,3,2,2004/08/12,1999/2015

Heather O’Reilly,4,3,1,2004/08/12,2015

Shannon Boxx,4,3,1,2004/08/12,2015

Brandi Chastain,4,2,2,1996/2004,1991/99

Joy Biefeld-Fawcett,4,2,2,1996/2004,1991/99

Julie Foudy,4,2,2,1996/2004,1991/99

Kristine Lilly,4,2,2,1996/2004,1991/99

Mia Hamm,4,2,2,1996/2004,1991/99

Abby Wambach,3,2,1,2004/2012,2015

Amy Rodriguez,3,2,1,2008/12,2015

Briana Scurry,3,2,1,1996/2004,1999

Carli Lloyd,3,2,1,2008/12,2015

Cindy Parlow,3,2,1,1996/2004,1999

Hope Solo,3,2,1,2008/12,2015

Kate Sobrero-Markgraf,3,2,1,2004/08,1999

Lauren Cheney-Holiday,3,2,1,2008/12,2015

Tobin Heath,3,2,1,2008/12,2015

Carla Werden-Overbeck,3,1,2,1996,1991/99

Michelle Akers,3,1,2,1996,1991/99

Alex Morgan,2,1,1,2012,2015

Becky Sauerbrunn,2,1,1,2012,2015

Carin Jennings-Gabarra,2,1,1,1996,1991

Kelley O’Hara,2,1,1,2012,2015

Lori Chalupny,2,1,1,2008,2015

Megan Rapinoe,2,1,1,2012,2015

Shannon MacMillan,2,1,1,1996,1999

Sydney Leroux,2,1,1,2012,2015

Tiffany Roberts,2,1,1,1996,1999

Tiffeny Milbrett,2,1,1,1996,1999

Tisha Venturini,2,1,1,1996,1999