Francisco Gonzales

Parameter Value
Full Name Francisco Paula Gonzales
Born 1936 in Manila (PHI)
Died 7 May 1964 near San Ramon; California (USA)
Measurements 168 cm / 61 kg

Francisco Gonzales’ Olympic participation was fairly unremarkable. Together with Fausto Preysler and Jesus Villareal he finished 24th in the Dragon class at the 1960 Rome Games. Four years later, he would make the news in a completely different manner. Following his Olympic adventure, Gonzales had moved to San Francisco, and there, got into trouble. His wife wanted to leave him, and he had huge debts to pay off. Telling all his friends that he would die on 6 or 7 May 1964, he flew to Reno, Nevada on the 6th, carrying a new firearm. Hitting the casinos, he made it clear he didn’t care whether he won or lost. He took the return flight the next day, Pacific Airlines flight 773. Ten minutes before a scheduled stop-over, the plane disappeared from the radar screens. It had crashed in the hills near the Californian town of San Ramon. Investigators recovered Gonzales’ firearm, and discovered that he had taken out a $100,000 life insurance for his wife. They concluded that Gonzales had shot both pilots, then shot himself, causing the plane to crash and killing all 44 on board.

Games/Sport Event Boat Position
1960 Sailing Three Person Keelboat Patricia 24

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