Medal Sweeps at the Summer Olympic Games

The @TeamUSA women swept the medals in the 100 metre hurdles tonite in Rio, with Brianna Rollins winning gold, Nia Ali silver, and Kristi Castlin bronze. Here are the stats on medal sweeps by a single nation at the Summer Olympics Games (SOG) – these will not include Winter Olympic (WOG) medals sweeps, although there have been 46 medal sweeps at the WOG.

  • 283rd medal sweep by a nation at the Summer Olympics
  • 86th medal sweep in athletics (track & field)
  • 57th medal sweep by women (any sport)
  • 7th medal sweep by women in athletics (3 Soviet Union, 1 GDR, 1 Russia, 1 Jamaica)
  • 1st medal sweep in the women’s 100 metre hurdles (or 80 metre hurdles)
  • 157th medal sweep by @TeamUSA (any sport) – by far the most of any nation (Great Britain, with 26, is 2nd) – more than all other nations combined
  • 25th medal sweep by @TeamUSA women
  • 62nd medal sweep by @TeamUSA in athletics (track & field)
  • 1st medal sweep by USA women in athletics
  • Medal sweeps at most recent SOG – 2000 – 2; 2004 – 4; 2008 – 7; 2012 – 2; 2016 – 1 (to date)
  • Most recent medal sweep in athletics – 2012 Jamaica – men’s 200 metres
  • Most recent medal sweep by @TeamUSA – 2008 – men’s athletics 400 metres and men’s 400 metre hurdles; and women’s individual sabre fencing

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