Siblings Finishing 1-2 In Olympic Individual Events

With the Brownlee brothers finishing 1-2 in men’s triathlon just now, here are all the cases of siblings finishing 1-2 in an Olympic individual event. This is the 13th time this has occurred. Note that the Goitschel sisters did it twice in alpine skiing in 1964 at Innsbruck.



John / Sumner Paine,pistol shooting,1896
Platt / Ben Adams,athletics standing high jump,1912
Nedo / Aldo Nadi,fencing sabre,1920
Jennison / Jack Heaton,skeleton,1928
Edoardo / Dario Mangiarotti,fencing épée,1952
Raimondo / Piero D’Inzeo,equestrian jumping,1960
Phil / Steve Mahre,alpine skiing slalom,1984
Philipp / Simon Schoch,snowboard PGS,2006

Alistair / Jonathan Brownlee,men’s triathlon,2016


Christine / Marielle Goitschel,alpine skiing slalom / giant slalom,1964
Doris / Angelika Neuner,luge singles,1992

Justine / Chloe Dufour-Lapointe,freestyle skiing moguls,2014


2 thoughts on “Siblings Finishing 1-2 In Olympic Individual Events”

  1. Brazilian Martine Grael won gold medal at Sailing 49er FX. Her father is the 2-time Olympic champion Torben Grael. How many times has a father/child won the same event?? 🙂

    1. Thanx for your note and letting us know about this. We have those stats but at the moment too much to do to get that one figured out. Maybe after the Olympics we can do that. Its not that unusual. – Bill M

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