Red Gerard – 21st Century Boy

I guess most of you reading this have memories of the 20th century but as we slip further into the current century we will eventually be replaced by those born after the millennium. On day 2 of the Pyeongchang Winter Games Redmond “Red” Gerard of the USA hastened this process by winning gold in the snowboard slopestyle for men and thus becoming the first Winter Olympic champion to have been born post 1999. Please note the careful choice of words there lest we get into the age-old argument of whether the current century began on January 1st, 2000 or January 1st, 2001. What is certain is that Gerard broke a host of age related records when he became Olympic champion.

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Red Gerard

He became;

The youngest Olympic champion in snowboarding.

The youngest US Olympic Winter Games champion since 1928.

The first male Olympic champion to have been born in the 21st century.

The 3rd youngest Olympic Winter Games champion of all time (behind Billy Fiske (USA-1928-Bobsleigh) and Toni Nieminen (FIN-1988-Ski Jumping))

The list of Olympic champions born in the 2000s is as follows

Name Sex NOC Sport Year DOB
Laurie Hernandez F USA GYM 2016 9 June 2000
Penny Olesniak F CAN GYM 2016 13 June 2000
Red Gerard M USA SNB 2018 29 June 2000
Ren Qian F CHN DIV 2016 20 February 2001

For the record the first Winter Olympians born post 1999 were male ski jumpers in Pyeongchang.
In start order of the normal hill event they were;

Start order Name NOC DOB
7th Kevin Maltsev EST 4 July 2000
18th Jonathan Learoyd FRA 3 November 2000
36th Timi Zajc SLO 26 April 2000
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Kevin Maltsev

And finally the youngest Olympic snowboard champions are as follows;

Name Sex NOC Event Year Age
Red Gerard M USA Slopestyle 2018 17y 227d
Kelly Clark F USA Halfpipe 2002 18y 199d
Hannah Teter F USA Halfpipe 2006 19y 17d
Shaun White M USA Halfpipe 2006 19y 162d
Karine Ruby M FRA Giant Slalom 1998 20y 36d

A comprehensive list of Olympic champions born in the 21st century will be available on this blog in around 150 years providing the technology of keeping brains alive in jars proves successful.