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Some readers of this Olympic blog may remember a post I did at the end of the Rio Olympics concerning our statistical site on www.sports-reference.com/olympicshttps://olympstats.com/2016/08/21/the-olymadmen-and-olympstats-and-sports-reference/.

In that post we noted that we were working to transfer our private research site, www.olympedia.org, to another server and that sports-reference/Olympics would shut down. This has recently occurred and the data on sports-reference/Olympics is no longer easily available to the public.

The Olympedia research site contains the profiles and results of all Olympic athletes and informative descriptions about the Games, events, venues, and much more. It is the most comprehensive database about the Olympic Games and is the result many years of work by a group of Olympic historians and statisticians called the OlyMADmen.

Here are some examples:

Olympedia has always been a product solely of the OlyMADMen and has been a private site that required a password that only we could grant. Olympedia has recently moved to another server, but during this time it has still required password access and did not have open access.

We have recently received permission to open Olympedia to the public, and it will no longer require a password. We thank the International Olympic Committee for working with us on this project, and granting us this permission. We are excited and hope you will be, too.

Olympedia contains all of the information that was previously on sports-reference/Olympics – and actually much more – it is far more detailed. Welcome to Olympedia, the most detailed internet reference source on the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement – www.olympedia.org

The OlyMADMen

Bill Mallon (USA)

Arild Gjerde (NOR)

Jeroen Heijmans (NED)

David Foster (ENG)

Hilary Evans (WLS)

Taavi Kalju (EST)

Wolf Reinhardt (GER)

Martin Kellner (AUT)

Ralf Regnitter (GER)

Ralph Schlüter (GER)

Paul Tchir (CAN/EGY)

Morten Aarlia Torp (NOR)

Stein Opdahl (NOR)

Carl-Johan Johansson (SWE)

George Masin (USA)

Ian Morrison (GBR/ESP)

Michele Walker (CAN)

Kristof Linke (GER)

Andrey Chilikin (RUS)

Rudolf Laky (HUN/GER)

David Tarbotton (AUS)

15 thoughts on “Olympedia now open to the public”

  1. Incredible news! Thank you (THANK YOU!) to all the OlyMADMen for all the work you do and for sharing this with all of us. Absolutely amazing. Keep up the great and (much appreciated) work!

  2. Hi Bill – this is very good news. Can you tell me how and when the site will be available? What sort of audience do you see it reaching – how will it compare with previous incarnation of the site? I am writing a story on it now, and have also contacted Hilary.

  3. Fantastic news that this site is reopened. Great work everyone does must never be lost – congrats to all!!

  4. Thanks much for your great resource and all the efforts behind it.
    I’ve been constantly using it to check information for my Olympic philatelic collection, and I’m glad you are back for a general public.

  5. Hi I believe my grandfather won an olympic bronze medal for boxing in 1928 in Amsterdam . Looking at some statistics and from what he told me he was beaten by an Italian guy whom eventually won the Gold medal . I have seen his name and to me it looks like he game 5th but would he have a bronze medal to show for that ..? If you could help I would be very great full. We still have the medal in question and it has featured in local Belfast papers over the years . His name was Jack Garland he fought at bantam weight .

  6. It’s inadmissible that my country, France, has withdrawn the 1900 Olympic title in rugby for dubious administrative reasons, we sincerely hope that during a future reassessment the gold medal will belong to us again.

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