1932 Olympic Missing Links

Today on Oldest Olympians we wanted to engage a topic that we have not discussed for a while: Olympic missing links. In particular, we want to look at those individuals who were born in 1932 and for whom we think we have found information on their date of death, but cannot make the connection for certain. We have six such Olympians on our list.

Konstantinos Papadimas – Member of Greek’s basketball squad at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics

Konstantinos “Kostas” Papadimas, born in 1932, represented Greece in the basketball tournament at the 1952 Helsinki Games, where his nation was eliminated in the qualification round. The team had better luck at the 1955 Mediterranean Games, where it won a bronze medal, and it also competed at the 1951 edition. Domestically, Papadimas played for Panellinios B.C. and won national championships in 1953, 1955, and 1957. The Greek Wikipedia lists him as having died in May 2021, at the age of 89, but we have not seen any reports to confirm this.

Simon Tait – Member of Great Britain’s sailing delegation to the 1972 Munich Olympics

Simon Tait, born October 31, 1932, represented Great Britain in Dragon class sailing at the 1972 Munich Games and placed 12th. A member of the Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society, he was prolific domestically and internationally, competing at the European Championships in the 1960s. The death of a Simon Tait, born October 31, 1931, was registered at Kensington & Chelsea, London, England in February 1997, but we have thus far been unable to confirm that this is the Olympian.

(Sadegh Ali Akbarzadeh Khoi, pictured at the top left at Boxing Iran)

Sadegh Ali Akbarzadeh Khoi – Member of Iran’s boxing delegations to the 1960 and 1964 Summer Olympics

Sadegh Ali Akbarzadeh Khoi, born September 3, 1932, represented Iran in two editions of the Olympic bantamweight boxing tournament, being eliminated in his first bout in both 1960 and 1964. A member of the national team from 1957 through 1964, he was a featherweight at the 1958 Asian Games, before moving up to bantamweight. He is definitely deceased, and English Wikipedia has a year of death of 2007, but we have not been able to confirm that for certain.

Juan Carlos Gómez – Member of Argentina’s rowing delegations to the 1964 and 1968 Summer Olympics

Juan Carlos Gómez, born May 9, 1932, represented Argentina in two editions of the Olympic rowing tournament, coming in 12th in the double sculls in 1964 and 8th in the coxed fours in 1968. He had much more success at the Pan American Games, winning the coxless fours in 1951 and 1955 and coming in second in the coxed fours in 1967. An individual of this name and the correct age died December 17, 1982 in La Plata but, because his name is fairly common, we cannot say for certain that this is the Olympian.

Camilo Pedro – Member of Hong Kong’s sport shooting delegation to the 1976 Montreal Olympics

Camilo Pedro, born August 3, 1932, represented Hong Kong in the free pistol, 50 meters shooting event at the 1976 Montreal Games, where he placed 46th. Unlike most of the names on this list, we do not know much about him, although an individual with this name and date of birth died in Millbrae, San Mateo, California on September 12, 2004. Unfortunately, since we know of no connection between Pedro and the United States, we cannot confirm that this record is for the Olympian.

Fritz Vogelsang – Member of Switzerland’s athletics delegation to the 1960 Rome Olympics

Fritz Vogelsang, born November 17, 1932, represented Switzerland in the decathlon at the 1960 Rome Games, where he placed 11th. He was also selected for the 100 meters dash at 1956 Melbourne Olympics, but did not actually compete. He did, however, take part in the 1954 European Championships decathlon, placing 9th among 19 entrants. We located the grave of a Fritz Vogelsang, born 1932, who died in 2000 in Bottmingen, Switzerland, but we are unsure if this is the Olympian.

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  1. Juan Carlos Gómez fue un remero argentino, nació en la ciudad de Rosario provincia de Santa Fe, el 9 de mayo de 1932 y falleció el 22 de marzo de 2021 a los 88 años. Compitió para el Club Regatas de Rosario Y fue dos veces participante Olímpico, primero en los juegos de Tokio 1964 (doble scull con José María Robledo) y cuatro años mas tarde en los juegos de México en 1968 (cuatro con timonel junto a Robledo-Segurado-Locatelli (timonel) y el abanderado Olímpico en Montreal 1976 Hugo Raúl Aberastegui).
    Cualquier duda de Olímpicos argentinos no duden en escribirme.Saludos desde ARGENTINA

  2. Al;fredo Czerner represented Argentina en Rowing in de Olympiks in Helsinki 1952 ,he was born in 1934 in Rosario Provincia de Santa Fe he competed in a 4+ and raced en the semi won gold in the pan-american games Mexico 1955 and gold in the European 1955 in Gent. He lives in San Diego area southern California U.S.A.

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