Medal Sweeps at the Winter Olympics

The USA men just swept the medals in the freestyle slopestyle. This is the 3rd USA medal sweep at the Olympic Winter Games, after 2002 men’s snowboard halfpipe and 1956 men’s figure skating. It is the 42nd medal sweep overall in Winter Olympic history.

This is the 3rd medal sweep at Sochi after the speed skating men’s 500 and 5,000, both done by the Netherlands. This is equal to the most ever medal sweeps for men at a Winter Olympics, with this only occurring before at St. Moritz in 1928, with the men’s cross-country 15 km (NOR), men’s cross-country 50 km (SWE), and men’s Nordic combined (NOR). The record overall is 5 at Innsbruck in 1964. The last time there were 3 medal sweeps at a WOG was in 1998 in Nagano.

Here are all the previous medal sweeps at the Winter Olympic Games:


Year Sport Event NOC Gender
1908 FSK Singles SWE M
1924 CCS 50 km. NOR M
1924 NCO Individual NOR M
1928 CCS 15 km. NOR M
1928 CCS 50 km. SWE M
1928 NCO Individual NOR M
1932 NCO Individual NOR M
1932 SKJ Large hill NOR M
1936 CCS 50 km. SWE M
1936 NCO Individual NOR M
1948 CCS 15 km. SWE M
1948 SKJ Large hill NOR M
1952 CCS 10 km. FIN F
1956 ASK Giant slalom AUT M
1956 FSK Singles USA M
1960 CCS 10 km. SOV F
1964 ASK Downhill AUT F
1964 CCS 10 km. SOV F
1964 LUG Singles GER F
1964 SSK 500 metres SOV F
1964 SSK 5000 metres NOR M
1972 LUG Singles GDR F
1972 LUG Singles GDR M
1972 SKJ Normal hill JPN M
1984 LUG Singles GDR F
1984 SSK 3000 metres GDR F
1988 LUG Singles GDR F
1988 CCS 20 km. SOV F
1992 CCS 30 km. NOR M
1992 SSK 5000 metres GER M
1994 ASK Combined NOR M
1998 ASK Combined GER F
1998 SSK 10000 metres NED M
1998 SSK 3000 metres GER M
2002 LUG Singles GER F
2002 SNB Halfpipe USA M
2006 LUG Singles GER F
2006 ASK Slalom AUT M
2010 LUG Singles GER F
2014 SSK 5000 metres NED M
2014 SSK 500 metres NED M
2014 FRS Slopestyle USA M


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  1. Great information on Sweeps. NBC has been using the term sweep in reference to the Snowboard Slopestyle events of earlier this week to mean that the USA won the gold medal in both the Men’s and Women’s event though the USA did not “sweep” the medals in either event. When I heard that the USA had swept the Slopestyle Skiing event on the radio this morning I was a bit confused as the USA only won the Silver Medal in the Women’s event, and I thought Fox Sports was following NBC’s nomenclature. I hope NBC can use this term correctly in the future.

    1. Make the 1500m Woman Speed Skating a 1, 2, 3 and 4… Are there any statistics about how often that happed?

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