Paralympians in the Olympics

Has anyone ever competed in both the Olympics and the Paralympics? You probably know us well enough by now to know the answer is yes, and most people assume we are referring only to Oscar Pistorius, the South African blade runner now on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. In fact, it has happened 14 times, although 3 were sighted guides at the Paralympics. The first ever was Neroli Fairhall, the New Zealand archer who competed at the 1980 Paralympics and the 1984 Olympic Games. Fairhall was a paraplegic after a motorbike accident, and competed as an archer from her wheelchair.

Here are the 13 Olympians / Paralympians:

Athlete NOC Sport Olympics Paralympics
Orazio Fagone ITA STK 1988-94 2006
Neroli Fairhall NZL ARC 1984 1980
Paola Fantato ITA ARC 1996 1988-2004
Assunta Legnante ITA ATH 2008 2012
Craig MacLean GBR CYC 2000-04 2012 (sighted guide)
Robin McKeever CAN CCS 1998 2010 (sighted guide)
Natalia Partyka POL TTN 2008-12 2000-12
Oscar Pistorius RSA ATH 2012 2004-12
Marla Runyan USA ATH 2000-04 1992-96
Jeroen Straathof NED CYC/SSK 1994-2004 2000 (sighted guide)
Pál Szekeres HUN FEN 1988 1992-2012
Natalie du Toit RSA SWI 2008 2004-12
Sonia Vettenburg BEL SHO 1992 1984-88
Ilke Wyludda GER ATH 1992-2000 2012

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