Olympian Heads of State

Which Olympians have been heads of state – such as a President, Prime Minister, or King or Queen? We know of this happening 8 times, as follows:



Taro Aso,JPN,SHO,1976,Prime Minister of Japan 2008-09.

Juan Carlos Crown Prince de Borbón,ESP,SAI,1972,King of Spain 1975-present.

Albert Prince Grimaldi,MON,BOB,1988-2002,Prince of Monaco 2005-present.

Crown Prince Harald,NOR,SAI,1964-72,King of Norway 1991-present.

Crown Prince Konstantinos,GRE,SAI,1960,King of Greece 1964-73.

Crown Prince Olav,NOR,SAI,1928,King of Norway 1957-91.

Pál Schmitt,HUN,FEN,1968-76,President of Hungary 2010-12.

Marcus Stephen,NRU/SAM,WLT,1992-2000,President of Nauru 2007-11.


See also http://www.sports-reference.com/olympics/friv/lists.cgi

2 thoughts on “Olympian Heads of State”

  1. Actually, Taro Aso never was head of state, as Japan has an emperor. He was head of government though.

  2. Missing: The (new) King of Spain.
    And Juan Carlos is not King anymore.

    @Jeroen Heijmans: The Japanese Emperor has a strange legal status other then Head of State, often translated as “symbol of the state”. This may or may not make Aso the head of state.

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