Olympian Rhodes Scholars

Olympic athletes are known as the greatest of athletes. Yet, perhaps the term student-athletes can be applied to many of them. Fully 34 of them have won a Rhodes Scholarship, one of the highest academic awards possible, to study at Oxford University in England. There are others than on this list, who competed at the Paralympics but our databases cover only the Olympic Games. Here is the list of Olympian Rhodes Scholars. More information on these can be found here or by following the links below.

Name NOC Sport OlyYr Oxford Yr-School
Ranjit Bhatia IND ATH 1960 1957 Jesus College
Graham Bond AUS GYM 1956-64 1961 Balliol College
Munroe Bourne CAN SWI 1928-36 1932 University College
Bill Bradley USA BAS 1964 1965 Worcester College
John Carleton USA CCS/NCO 1924 1922 Magdalen College
Angie Darby AUS MOP 2008 2012 Christ Church College
Eddie Eagan USA BOB/BOX 1920-32 1922 New College
Alan Hobkirk CAN HOK 1976 1974 Jesus College
Simon Hollingsworth AUS ATH 1992-96 1997 Exeter College
Don Johnson CAN ATH 1924 1923 Balliol College
Rosara Joseph NZL CYC 2008 2006 St. John’s College
Wilfred Kalaugher NZL ATH 1928 1927 Balliol College
Wilfred Kent-Hughes AUS ATH 1920 1915 Christ Church College
Desmond Koh SIN SWI 1988-96 1995 Oriel College
Charles Littlejohn GBR ROW 1912 1909 New College
Jack Lovelock NZL ATH 1932-36 1931 Exeter College
Selwyn Maister NZL HOK 1968-76 1969 Magdalen College
Murray McLachlan RSA SWI 1960 1961 Wadham College
Tom McMillen USA BAS 1972 1974 University College
Tucker Murphy BER CCS 2010-14 2005 Merton College
John Misha Petkevich USA FSK 1968-72 1973 Magdalen College
Edward Pitblado GBR ICH 1924 1920 Queen’s College
Arthur Porritt NZL ATH 1924 1923 Magdalen College
Eric Prabhakar IND ATH 1948 1948 Christ Church College
Mari Rabie RSA TRI 2008 2010 St. Catherine’s College
Bevil Rudd RSA ATH 1920 1913 Trinity College
Annette Salmeen USA SWI 1996 1997 St. John’s College
Malav Shroff IND SAI 2004 1998 St. Peter's College
Bill Stevenson USA ATH 1924 1922 Balliol College
Harvey Sutton ANZ ATH 1908 1905 New College
Norm Taber USA ATH 1912 1913 St. John’s College
PJ Thum SIN SWI 1996 2002 Hertford College
Alan Valentine USA RUG 1924 1922 Balliol College
Hugh Ward ANZ ROW 1912 1911 New College


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