Older than Félix Sienra

Recently we noted the death of Uruguayan sailor Félix Sienra, born January 21, 1916, who was, to the best of our knowledge, the oldest living (and longest-lived) Olympian when he died on January 30, 2023. As we have mentioned, however, there are over 2200 Olympians, non-starters, and demonstration event competitors born between 1913 and 1932 for whom we have no confirmation on whether they are alive or deceased. In addition, there are 293 individuals who participated in the Games in 1928, 1932, and 1936 for whom we have no information on their date, or even year, of birth. Today we want to focus on the 44 Olympians who would be older than Félix Sienra if they were still alive. Three of them were non-starters: Shigeo Takagi and Masuzo Maeda, born July 28, 1913 and June 29, 1914 respectively, who were reserves with Japan’s Olympic water polo squads, and Hussein Ezzat, born in 1915, who was a reserve with the Egyptian football team in 1936.

It should be noted that discussing these individuals in no way represents any belief on the part of Oldest Olympians that these athletes are still alive; we simply cannot confirm that they are deceased. In fact, we find it highly unlikely that any Olympian who is between the age of 107 and 109 would have escaped our attention completely. It remains, however, an important caveat and is always a possibility: language barriers, poor media coverage of older athletes, and desire for privacy from a generation when the Games were not as big as they are now all contribute to the chance that someone may have eluded our radar. In the past, several Olympic centenarians have reached that milestone with little public fanfare, sometimes not being revealed until their death. We feel, therefore, that it is important to share this list to make our research methods a little more public and subject to scrutiny, perhaps solving a case or two along the way.

Mie Muraoka represented Japan in the 4×100 metres track relay at the 1932 Los Angeles Games.


Name Nation Sport Birthday
Osamu Abe Japan Rowing August 11 1913
Sayed Ali Atta Afghanistan Field hockey August 25 1913
Mohamed Hassanein Egypt Swimming 1913
Daiji Kurauchi Japan Field hockey 1913
Isamu Mita Japan Rowing March 25 1913
Amin Mohamed Egypt Boxing November 15 1913
Zafar Ahmed Muhammad Pakistan Sport shooting July 10 1913
Mie Muraoka Japan Athletics March 23 1913
Takao Nakae Japan Basketball April 30 1913
Chiyoto Nakano Japan Boxing February 7 1913
Shusui Sekigawa Japan Rowing May 13 1913
Chikara Shirasaka Japan Rowing August 18 1913

Zenjiro Watanabe represented Japan in figure skating’s singles event at the 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Olympics.


Name Nation Sport Birthday
Toyoyi Aihara Japan Athletics January 7 1914
Yukie Arata Japan Swimming October 25 1914
Jihei Furusho Japan Water polo December 15 1914
Mitsue Ishizu Japan Athletics April 16 1914
Masaru Kashiwahara Japan Rowing October 30 1914
Masayasu Maeda Japan Basketball March 10 1914
Sayed Masoud Egypt Weightlifting November 15 1914
Iwao Masuda Japan Athletics December 25 1914
Osamu Takechi Japan Field hockey 1914
Kosei Tano Japan Water polo January 22 1914
Anwar Tawfik Egypt Fencing July 31 1914
Zenjiro Watanabe Japan Figure skating February 11 1914
Hideichi Yoshioka Japan Wrestling September 10 1914

Jaime Ucar represented Uruguay in foil fencing at the 1948 London Olympics.


Name Nation Sport Birthday
Sayed Ali Babaci Afghanistan Field hockey March 12 1915
Ali Erfan Egypt Wrestling March 18 1915
Nélida Fullone Argentina Fencing January 27 1915
Michihiro Ito Japan Field hockey March 20 1915
Takeo Ito Japan Field hockey January 5 1915
Torajiro Kataoka Japan Water polo Febraury 7 1915
Hiroshi Matsunobu Japan Gymnastics October 15 1915
Spyridon Mavrogiorgos Greece Swimming 1915
Mitsuo Mizutani Japan Wrestling October 5 1915
Hatsuko Morioka Japan Swimming June 22 1915
Uichi Munakata Japan Basketball November 26 1915
Junko Nishida Japan Athletics November 3 1915
Konstantinos Pantazis Greece Athletics 1915
Denise Parmentier Belgium Gymnastics July 5 1915
Hiroshi Tanaka Japan Athletics June 29 1915
Jaime Ucar Uruguay Fencing September 24 1915
Sadako Yamamoto Japan Athletics July 14 1915

For our next entry, we will be looking into those Olympians who may still be alive and were born between Félix Sienra and the current oldest living Olympian, Yvonne Chabot-Curtet. We hope that you will join us!

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  1. De la esgrimista Argentina Nélida Fullone (nació en Buenos Aires) hay dos controversias una es la fecha de nacimiento en algunos documentos figura el 27 de enero de 1915, y en otros que nació en 1918. Con respecto a su deceso por lo que pude averiguar es que posiblemente falleció en el 2013, la edad de su deceso sería entre 95 y 98 años según su fecha de nacimiento.

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